Facebook has determined to change the ranking pattern of any videos. An announcement has disclosed regarding the being changes in handling the video on News Feed.

Previously, video was ranked based on their uses, like that video was live or not, turn on sound, or people are opening it or not. The new update has been added into it to rank the video that is “percent completion” which is differ from previous one. It calculates the rank basis of, how much time user has spent his time, how much time user has watched that video and scrolling to the next item. The longer video, that is mostly viewed video, will appear in other’s News Feed.

After changing the way of video ranking using Percent Completion, helps to get the good percent of calculation. On the basis of user’s favorite video, tells about video compelling. Along with that completing a bigger video is more preferable than completing a shorter video. This helps, to get the thinking of a community. We should therefore weight percent completion more heavily the longer a video is, to avoid penalizing longer videos.

Pole who finds longer videos engaging may be able to discover more of them in News Feed. As a side effect, some shorter videos may see a slight dip in News Feed distribution. Along with that, moto of page will be the same, creating a new video makes people happy and engage and longer video which has disliked by people will not be there on News Feed.

The required length of video will be depending on the compelling story, used to engage to people. You also should look at your video insights in Page Analytics to understand how your videos perform.

These all changes will be pop out within these coming weeks and an enhanced feature will be added into it.

Source: Facebook © Image: Flikr