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Blogging can be one of the most lucrative businesses you can get into and it can just as well be a very valuable addition to any business you’re running, as long as you know how to do it right. Having a blog for your business or blogging for a living has numerous aspects and understanding each of them will contribute to its quality and the popularity of your brand.

We will focus today on how using social media for your blog can give you more followers and clients and how it can contribute to making your business more visible to the target audience. For thousands of businesses around the world, having a good social media campaign made all the difference and they’ve become sought-for in a matter of months.

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Choosing the Right Platform

Many young businesses bite off more than they can chew when they set up accounts for their brands across several networks simultaneously. This might seem like a good idea in the beginning because you think you can cover more ground in one swoop, but things aren’t that simple. Coming up for a social media campaign in which you can seamlessly incorporate your blog and bring it closer to your readers should first be done on a smaller scale, so for starters, choose one social network. Needless to say that each network is a bit different from all others, so you need to think carefully about where your target readership is most present.

Facebook is always a good starting point because it gives you space to experiment and see what the best ways to catch your followers’ attention are and then expand from there. Twitter is more succinct and you won’t be able to put a lot into 140 characters, but hashtags, videos, and mentions can be very beneficial for creating more buzz around your business. If you’re focused on reaching professionals from your niche, then LinkedIn is definitely worth a shot, but if you can make a lot of appealing images and visual content to tell your followers more about your business and your blog, having an Instagram or Pinterest account could be great for you.

Schedule Your Posts

This tactic is golden because it leaves you room for planning ahead and getting the maximum performance out of every blog post. First of all, don’t ever just slap on the link to your latest blog post and generic promotional sentence to go with it, because your readers and clients can recognize this form of laziness very well and more often than not, they will simply ignore you.

You want to develop a strategy for every social network your business is on, so don’t just copy-paste the same post from one network to another because again it looks lazy and everyone will get very tired of this almost-spam situation very quickly. You want to strategize in the sense that your posts are always custom made for each social media channel.

schedule social post

For Twitter, make sure you shorten the URL of your blog and have some catchy title to attract attention. Facebook allows more wiggle room, so you might resort to longer posts that tell a story and upgrade it with some high-quality pictures. The point is that you don’t want the promotional purpose of your posts on social media to be very obvious, you want to entertain and attract your clients as naturally as possible. If you do it right and use your blog posts as a way to underline the importance of a certain topic and share relevant content with your followers, they will always come back for more.

Make Your Blog Link as Visible as Possible

Your social media business profiles should be very informative without suffocating your followers. One of the best ways to keep your blog at your readers’ fingertips is to include the link to it into your profile description on every profile. It’s possible that many people don’t even know that your business has a blog and seeing the link to it might prompt them to take a closer look.

blog links

Email marketing is still very much a thing in promoting blogs among other things, so be sure to put snippets of it into your newsletter or find a way to combine it with other useful information of the newsletter.

Here you should bear in mind your online security that is directly connected to the security of your subscribers, so use security software at all times, as well as other tools to protect all the confidential data. For an additional touch, you can use some of the strongest VPNs available to keep your privacy in check and any form of surveillance and tracking at bay.

Don’t Forget About Forums

Forums have been around for decades and have had a fairly important role in blog promotion for a while. People use forums to get answers to the questions Google just can’t answer to and they are excellent ground for letting more people know just how insightful and helpful your blog can be.

Of course, don’t just dump links wherever you go, but first, do your best to engage with the forum community. Spamming can be spotted from miles away, which is why you should try to be helpful by sharing your own knowledge and solutions with people and then, to support your answer, you can incorporate a link to your blog into your reply, but only if it’s truly relevant to the topic.

social forum

Social media is an invaluable asset in your efforts to promote your blog successfully. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get a lot more engagement with your brand and let more people find out just how good your business is and how they can benefit from it.

In the end, everything we do is for the people, not for search engines and statistic charts and if you establish a good connection with the humans on the other side of the screen, your blog and your brand will flourish.

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