LG G6 real design is out, side view image is leaked online

Jan 28, 2017, 7:53 pm

Shruti G.

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Another snap of device from LG’s next generation crown jewel- the LG G6 has again came into news, arising from South Korea. This snap is same as the first snap which cracked recently, the only difference is that it is captured from its other side. The device snap which captured presently is its side view. Specially, this device is captured from side and can say that this is second photo of G6.

This new smartphone from the South Korean technology major has a unique design which is totally different from its formerly launched devices. Describing about “latest model” G6 design- the device is designed in silver with a blue color combination around the display. The SIM card slot at the right side and fused antenna band lines are also visible from the leaked image. The upcoming flagship G6 will have metal-body and has a near bezel-less display with a screen to bezel ratio up to 90%.

Logically it is possible that if SIM slot is in right then volume button will be probably at left side. The front side of a device is shown in the picture and it is easily identified that this has no button on its screen so it can be said that it might have onscreen button.

Talking more about LG G6 design scheme, this has well chamfered edges and the most wonderful thing about this device is that it is water resistant. The 5.7-inch device is loaded with a Snapdragon 835 chip inside. There are also hoax that may be lower Snapdragon 821 chips onboard and this sounds like that it is verified by Forbes in recent new report.

The LG G6 is supposed to be launched on 26th of February at MWC 2017.Already this company has sent invitations to launch event holding and when this will happen we’ll get original picture of LG G6, till then keep waiting.

Source: gizmochina ⊕ Image: gizmochina

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