Updated Google Maps on Android comes with real-time information in just one tap

Google Maps For Android

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Google just added some breathtaking feature and “one click” update to Google Maps on Android that makes your every moment of day easy and accessible. Google introduced new update in Google Maps that helps to get real time information you want –  at the bottom of your home screen. The only thing you have to do is swipe up and you will see three tabs that will help you to find restaurants, beat traffic and catch the next bus nearby.

In Google Maps, now you can easily find many places to eat and drink like “best dinners”, “best food at affordable range” or “business dinning” and so much around you or location that you choose. Not only food, and some other features come at just “one tap” – now you can search ATMs, drugstore, gas stations and grocery stores.

Giving more detail about driving tab, if you fetch your home and work address then you can see real-time ETAs and can get traffic report and delays on the road and according to them you can choose your way. One more thing is if you don’t want turn-by-turn direction you can simply choose usual route and can tap on “Start Driving” into Driving mode.

With the transit tab, you will never ever have to rush for your bus and by saving your address you can see recommendation for which bus or train you should take for travel. If you are en route somewhere else, you can swipe down to find near by transit stations along with correct schedules.

When you are on the way or work, you don’t have time for apps that can’t keep up. Whether you want to go on work or just looking quick bite around you, Google Maps give you one-to-one and personalized information just on one tap on your smartphone.

Feature image: Google

Updated Google Maps on Android comes with real-time information in just one tap