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Samsung Gear VR adding fun and new levels of immersion to gaming

Feb 7, 2017, 5:48 am

Gaming world are getting lot more new inventions day-by-day and the most advanced is immersion. Gamers want to do more with gaming than to simply guide a character on screen. They want to do a lot with gaming so that they can experience several actions, whether they want to explore a new world.

Samsung’s Gear VR headset was designed in such a way that it will increase player’s immersion and making game more appealing. This is available in the Oculus Store; the games and app determine Gear VR’s capacity to reach the level of gaming at new extent.

Minecraft: Gear VR Edition:

Minecraft: Gear VR Edition upgrade the level of global gaming phenomenon for Gear VR, it allows player to launch game’s fun solo adventure while immersed in its straggle and drape pixilated worlds.

Players can move the landscapes in first-or third-person perspective using some controllers like Xbox controller and Gear VR. The headset view not only make a personal kingdom more hooked but also cherish the sensation that player is physically standing within their imaginary domain, and it is also easier for players to delve into new province having some limitation on imagination. is an esport app that allows professionals gaming fans to be immersed in their popular games even when they are not playing themselves. With, users can enjoy 360-degree VR gaming action while watching esports greatest winner – do what they do best, over videos and coverage of tournaments matched the world’s best gamers against one another.

Gear VR’s immersive perspective gives users best possible viewing experience, allowing them to take action from all angles and making it easier to analyze champions in game strategies.

Herobound Gladiators:

It is multiplayer online RPG advanced for the Gear VR in which group of players say team progress through challenging field argue hordes of ghouls and goblins. Together with Xbox Controller, the Gear VR makes navigating and engaging providing 160-degree , and view that allows players to scan battlefield and plot their course to victory.

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