Using a firm password to the different account, keeping software up to date, exchanging information to the encoded sites are not enough for staying safe online. On Safer Internet Day, there are some insight into how this system help to keep you safe automatically on Google and beyond this.

Sometimes, some spammy messages which want to steal the information of your account and they try their level best to hack the account. But now Google built lots of smart armor into Gmail which automatically removes these spammy messages before seeing it. The average Gmail inbox contains less than 0.1 percent spam.

These hackers are quite clever and intelligent as they steal the username n password and use it on the spammy sites. Google’s system still able to block them and keep the user’s account safer.

Google also uses same security tools to the variety of android apps and devices safer too. For android users, google built an app analyzer which builds on safe browsing technology specifically for spammy apps. Whenever user install new app it warns before installing. Google constantly improving its automatic protections but user need to apply these settings by own.