As we are moving high with technology we need more and more security for safer browsing, communication, sharing data and etc. We need more and more safer connection but there is one thing which is still out of your mind and it is safety of you home network. On safer Internet Day Google, shared couple of insights like how it secures users account or fights with span in Gmail. Now the search giant unveiled how to protects users on Google WiFi and provides security and that too with multiple layers of protection.

Secure and protection to the core

Google WiFi not easily boot unless it verifies that its authoritative Google WiFi Software. This procedure is “Verified Boot” and Google WiFi is extremely difficult to target. To change settings of Google WiFi you can use Google WiFi mobile app which uses smart technique like cloud based security like other services uses e.g. Gmail. This product only allows changes when it’s from Google authenticated app.

Always Updating

In past to protect yourself against this attack and software, you have to discover that susceptibility in your router, then find the updated software to protect against it. Google WiFi protects you and constantly works for protection from botnets, threats. Working of Google WiFi is like- from cloud you get software updates to your home without knowing of you.

Safety Mesh

It provides fast and decent WiFi connection from edge to edge using mesh technology. Mesh technology is a multiple point WiFi that connects themselves to create blanket of coverage. This multiple point then creates security keys and long and complicated passwords that are shared between all WiFi points. Security Key that is created by these points create encrypted communication between points and devices on network.

Put WiFi to test

Google WiFi is part of Google’s Vulnerability Reward Program which started in 2010 and it also provide $100 to $20,000 reward who identify bugs in Google’s app and these bugs are reported to them so that they can fix them. Many contributors are working for this so that they can keep Google’s platform secure.

As far as Google’s security concerns are there different type of evolution to deal with this will take place. Enjoy tension less WiFi connection with safe browsing.

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