Report suggests Apple to introduce iris scanner in the upcoming iPhone 8

Feb 11, 2017, 4:51 pm

Avanti B.

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Apple is lead to introduce the new iris scanning technology to its smartphone flagship iPhone 8. This technology will help users to unlock their phone with their eyes.

Citing undisclosed insiders, Taiwanese news outlet DigiTimes reported that, the revamped iPhone 8 will also pack an iris scanner in addition to wireless charging and an OLED screen. Among other things, the new feature is expected to simplify the authentication process for mobile services like Apple Pay.

Apple has no plans to include iris scanning technology to its phones till 2018, which was previously suggested by publications. Recently the rumors said the feature might come earlier than expected. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities previously commented the Big A is more likely focuses on facial recognition sensors than the iris scanner.

The upcoming iPhone to contain in three different models, but not sure that the iris scanning will land on all versions.

Samsung had already tried the iris scanners with the Galaxy Note 7 and the manufacturer has plans to bring it to its Galaxy S8.

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