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Samsung Galaxy S8 to have 6GB RAM in Chinese and US variants

Feb 18, 2017, 8:21 pm

The upcoming mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 has become the controversial part of mobile market. Having Amazing looks, will take a time to be in your hand.

Samsung got their interested buyers and diehard fans to have information about the time of the sales commencement in his own part of the world. Along with that the Twitter Member @mmdj_china (famous for Galaxy C5 Pro photo leak), came with new information regarding Chinese variants and US sales commencement for Galaxy S8.

According to rumors, All Galaxy S8 Chinese variants, S8 and S8 Plus to have 6GB of RAM with minimum 64 GB and 128 GB maximum onboard storage. Chinese buyers can take either Galaxy S8 within 15th week, which will take the Chinese sales commencement in the third week of April. As well as US, Galaxy S8 sales released by April 14th. This indicates that the announced date will come in existence soon and we earlier reported to take place in News York.

The only difference between previous report and current report is Samsung would only launch one 6GB RAM variant (the others were suspect); now all Chinese variants will have the same RAM capacity.

Samsung claims that, High RAM capacity is one of the higher selling things in Chinese market. Along with that 5 Chinese OEMs have already stared implementing the RAM capacity.

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