Leaked: HTC’s new “coming soon” device One X10, launch at MWC

HTC One X10

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In January, new upcoming flagship HTC One X10 was released or say leaked. A full-on budget phone X10 is specially designed for Indian markets and its customers. More like its previous device the One X9, is also 5.5-inch and budget friendly phone shows the new leak. Refreshing the first look we have another look of HTC’s devices and the all credit goes to Weibo.

The image of this device is exposed on the Chinese micro-blogging site and the design is totally different from HTC’s previous device One X9, giving some instant hint about X9 it somewhat looked like Nexus 6P. The upcoming smartphone to have unibody aluminum design, with fingerprint sensor on its back – a new upgrade which was not present in X9. But, the similarity from older version is that it has navigation buttons at the bottom.

Apart from this, we won’t have to wait much for its official news from company, as the case it may be announced in Mobile World Congress in next week. Well, we really wish that profit of this “budget” device – like X10 will boost and strengthens HTC’S new U phones.

Source: Weibo © Via: Android Police

Leaked: HTC’s new “coming soon” device One X10, launch at MWC