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Google’s Vice President taunts a fresh image of Allo on Web

Feb 25, 2017, 7:12 am

Google last year launched their new product Google Allo – a messaging application and people were so much excited about it. But after its launch Allo was not getting that much response and reason was there is some missing features which defiantly not attracted users. Well, one of the drabbest feature of Allo has the lack in web version. Google is working on it and VP of communication product Nick Fox has given some impression to it.

According to Nick, the screen that is snapped here is from Allo’s recent web interface. It shows up to be running in Chrome on Mac. The screen has loads of thing that users were addicted to it. Some great features like Smart Replies, Stickers, and Assistant. Google Assistant on your desktop might be precise even if you are not using Allo.

This is big step for Allo after it is released. The limitation of app is – it is available for smartphones only and that on one particular device. If you want switch device, you have to set up Allo from starting and you will lose your chat history. Doubtlessly, the web version will have back up regardless of phone use. It would be great if Google Allo will have multiple Android devices support with web version also. Idea is also that it should have some Backup feature also like other application.  So, hope to see this new update soon by Google.

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