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YouTube touches milestone: People now watch 1 billion hours of video every single day

Feb 28, 2017, 5:03 pm

YouTube touched a new milestone today. The Google owned largest video sharing platform on the planet announced people now watch 1 billion hours of video every single day. Most interestingly, a single user might take more than 100,000 years to watch billion hours of video on YouTube.

In a blog post YouTube already announced the actual figure on Monday but billion-hour milestone was reached last year. The Company is focusing on the actual time spent by the user to watch the video rather than the overall views on single video.

Video has become the most popular among the users and by 2018 around 80% content consumed online will be video. Around the world, people are spending a billion hours every day for discovering numerous type of music, keeping themselves up to date with the news, connecting with their favourite personalities, or catching up with the latest trend.

YouTube really worked hard to achieve this milestone. YouTube says, it’s not only their milestone but it also belongs to the global audience who stay tuned every day and to the video creators who made YouTube original.

Source: YouTube

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