Microsoft GigJam, a “must have” app to hook up and selectively share with others

Microsoft GigJam

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Well, this is my first experience with GigJam app and as it was first it was really good app and impressed me. This is Office 365 service which recently updates as a closed preview was added, till now this was only available for Windows, Mac and iOS in June 2016 but now it’s finally available for Android on Play Store.

This app helps you to share your documents, files to other people to get their advice and show them how works are done and in other helpful matters. This you can also do from other app but GigJam is something different, other apps share all your files or content so you can blur out unnecessary details but it is too much time-consuming process and unprofessional thing.

GigJam make your every process easy, it allows user to share file, photos, word, PowerPoint and PDF files from Office 365, Asana, Salesforce, Trello etc. the main feature of this app is there is no need of manually blur your data, just simply cross a paragraph which you don’t need to share and it will be invisible to recipient. Moreover, you can give R-W (read- write) Access to your sender.

This App is like “must-have” app for professionals as well as for the users who wants to share files easily. This GigJam is available for you at Play Store but to take benefit of it you should have Office 365 subscription.

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft GigJam, a “must have” app to hook up and selectively share with others