After Crotona for Windows, we have “Google Assistant” for our Android OS. Android smartphone which works on OS Marshmallow and Nougat are getting updated with this helper – Google Assistant. It has lots of coolest and loved feature that surely make out life carefree and enjoyable.

Not only Google Assistant will make our search easy but also it will help in daily routine life work like booking reservation, setting alarm and many more useful things. The all you have to do is or say is “OK Google” and you are ready to rock it. Direct targeting to its love-to-have features we have.

  • Music
  • Remainders
  • Alarms and timers
  • News and weather
  • Call, text and emails
  • Open apps
  • Navigation
  • Translation
  • Sports
  • Phone Settings
  • Answer Question
  • Going out and etc.

Detailing its feature.


Google Assistant can find your favorite music and play for you but the exception is “app support”, yup this app is supported only on limited smartphones. “OK Google” will play your playlist from Google Play Music and YouTube. Let’s take an example if you want to search your favorite “Play Can’t Stop by the Red-Hot Chili Peppers”, your request will be fulfilled with YouTube and if you request a genre, like “Play hip hop music”, it will find in Google Play Music radio station. “Pandora” and “Spotify” are supported by Google Assistant, and the thing is you just have to include the “third-party app”. If you use another third-party app for music, you can ask the Assistant to open the app.

Aoogle Assistant

Control phone settings

“Google Assistant” gives you control over your settings in “Notification Bar”. You can simply control your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, Brightness of your screen and etc.


Google Maps is the world most “wanted” and “useful” app. If you are going to some unknown place or just want to take a look on traffic updates, then this is always there for your help. “Google Assistant” provides more flexibility regarding this function.

Open Apps

If you have loads of app in your App-Drawer, then “Ok Google” find and open your app in just one search. Your voice can access the apps you want to open.

Answer Question

We all know that Google best search engine for answers to our question. “Google Assistant” now making it more easy to find answers and for this it is allow you to ask question verbally. If Google Assistant doesn’t acknowledge to your response, it provides a link to answer your question.

Call, texts and emails

“Google Assistant” is used to make calls and send text messages – a best feature when you want to contact someone especially when you are driving.  It can access to your contacts, and that’s why text or call anyone is easy but twist is if they have more than one phone number in your phone, you have to specify which one you want to call or text. For email its work same via your Gmail account.


“Google Assistant” can translate your word or phrases to English or from English from any languages which Google Translate supports. To translate – simply say Ok Google and say e.g. “Translate what is time in French” and Google Assistant will give replay to your translation. Audio translation is also supported in Google Assistant. The important benefit of this If you are travelling abroad and it will be easy to communicate and overcome through language barriers. But not every language is supported with audio playback for the translations, and if Google Translate can translate the text, so can Google Assistant do.


Sports lovers can find info about their favorite match and teams using Google Assistant. For e.g. “Scores College Football” gives you a details of  the latest games, or you say something like “What’s the latest NHL news?” in this you will get a list of the latest news. Sports need improvement in “Google Assistant” , like asking a particular questions such as “Who’s the leading scorer in the NHL this season?” answer is expected in convenient way, but it only offers you a link to the NHL stats page.


“Google Assistant” can create quick reminders for you. According to your request, it create a time or location based reminders. For e.g., if you say “Remind me to take out the garbage when I’m leaving the house”, you get options like creating that reminder based on time or based on your GPS location – Google will ping your saved locations. Google will then pop up a reminder depending on parameters you selected.

Alarms and timers

If you are in hurry or you have some important meeting then you can set alarms by using your phone for your morning alarm clock, setting alarms with Google Assistant is easy and it will be surely loved by users. But you have always want to specify morning or evening if you don’t want to miss important morning alarm for p.m. instead of a.m. You can also use Google Assistant to set a timer. For anyone who spends significant time in the kitchen, this is a tool for those times when you got messy hands and don’t want to touch your phone or when you go for exercise timer can be very helpful.

Control your Smart Home devices

One of the best and hot feature added to Google Assistant is that it can control different smart home products of company Honeywell, Belkin’s WeMo, Nest, Philips Hue, and Samsung SmartThings. You can also add devices to it by going into the Home Control menu in Settings. Not only are you able to see which of your devices are connected, but also able to set up controls. This can reduce the complexity of switch between control apps for your smart home devices.

Now, how you are going to use “GOOGLE ASSISTANT”?

We are going to bring more updates to this article because more features are to be added to Google Assistant and till then you can tell us how you will be going to use this “OK Google”.

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