Google Pixel 2 is expected to be launched November this year with “premium” price tag

Mar 4, 2017, 11:02 am

Avanti B.

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Good news for the Google Pixel lovers – the search giant is planning to launch Pixel 2 this year. Google’s senior Hardware vice-president, Rick Osterloh confirmed that the company is focusing on the Google Pixel 2 handset.

“There is an annual rhythm in the industry. So, you can count on us to follow it,” he said during a private press meeting at Mobile World Congress, according to Android Pit “You can count on a successor this year, even if you don’t hear a date from me now.”

Previously, the Google’s Pixel was priced at $649 which then met with severe criticism over a phone that was running stock Android and a virtual assistant that would eventually make its way to other devices in foreseeable future. This time Pixel 2 is going to remain at that premium price point, but we should anticipate a hefty amount of improvements from the device.

It is expected that the Google Pixel 2 will launch in October or November 2017.

As for the design, hardware, or new features, we’ll have to see what unfolds over the next 6 months.

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