Few days back, Google launched Gboard 6.1 beta after redesigning voice typing and adding GIF suggestions, among other things. Some users discovered new features that could make their debut in the final version.

In the earlier version, when tapping on the microphone button in Gboard, the keyboard would be replaced by a voice typing interface. The new update provides a microphone icon on the top right in order to avoid crashing of the keyboard. This not only provides a better solution, but also provides a mechanism to stop voice input by simply tapping anywhere on the keyboard. This solution greatly aids users of lower-end smartphones, which would take longer to crash the keyboard and open up the voice typing UI.

The new update also brings GIF suggestions, which allow users to pick from multiple GIF options when writing a message.

Google Doodle in built-in search

Finally, Gboard 6.1 actually shows the current Google Doodle when you open the built-in search. The surprise does not end here. There is more to Gboard 6.1. Google also added Translate integration, through which users can tap on new Translate icon and forward this message to Google servers for translation.

The input is switched to a text field and on every key press; the text is automatically translated and pasted in the app. However, this feature is not available in offline mode.

Gboard also includes a new theme selector that acts as separator for solid color themes and recently used themes and landscapes. The keyboard also has the capability to download a small library of suggestions to the device and predict emojis.

Google updated Gboard iOS with voice typing, doodles and more languages.

Gboard 6.1 is still in beta, which means you have to either join the beta program on the Play Store or download the APK from APKMirror. You can also wait for the update to leave beta, which should not take too long.