Twitter is now noticing users profile as “Sensitive Content”

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Twitter is now focusing on its troll’s problem, and confirmed that it is testing a new update that flags users profile as potentially including sensitive content. The micro-blogging giant will mark an entire profile as “sensitive” if the tweets contains any sensitive language or images.

When users try to click on any profile from a link on Twitter, or they visit the profile’s web page directly, it won’t show immediately the user’s tweets. Rather than that a warning message will display in a pop-up window, “Caution: this profile may include sensitive content.” If users visit the profile directly, the warning message is all that displays until user agrees to view the content by clicking the “yes, view profile” option.

Users can choose to mark themselves as someone who tweets sensitive content through their “Privacy and Safety” settings.

Number of accounts seem to have noticed it within some days and it’s doubtful putting a sensitive filter over people’s profiles without letting them know will prove popular in the long run.

It has not confirmed that this update has come just now or if it has been in effect for several days. The micro-blogging giant did not reveal any information about it, this can be just an experimental thing.

Twitter is now noticing users profile as “Sensitive Content”