New Google Allo update adds Android auto support and animated emojis

Google Allo Update

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Recently, Google has brought new “Love-to-have” update to its messaging app “Allo”. This app is luckily helpful for the peoples who love to spend their time in car. According to latest update, it has an Android auto support so that user can enjoy hands-free messaging even when they are driving.

Till now, whenever user received a message on Allo app while using the app, the notification of messages are died out behind main interface. But now there is some change in this latest updates, now you can reply with your voice after seeing messages on screen. This app will also read messages for you so that you don’t get distracted from your driving.

Allo” has one more new update of “animated emojis”, yup isn’t it interesting that it will make your conversation with loved ones more interesting? In fact, that it will “take care of bugs” that can slow down your app.

Finally, the all know secret about Allo is that, it is not so much loved by users, as “Google” expected it will be. But for now, it is also a far behind its competitor in market share, which Google surely wants to change it at any cost. Talking more about Allo’s latest upgrade that brings a some more new feature to the app, the tech giant also said that there are plans on bringing Allo to desktops, we hope “Allo” must get better future.

Source : Android Authority 

New Google Allo update adds Android auto support and animated emojis