Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger, Google’s new messaging app runs on voice command without a keyboard

Mar 16, 2017, 6:26 pm

Avanti B.

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Google has launched its first Android App based on voice input messaging and will not involve the keyboard to type a message. The employees of the company were working on a project through its start-up incubator Area 120 which went live at SXSW this week. Android users were disappointed since the app was first launched for iOS devices, but tech giant did not take long time to put the app Google Play Store.

The app is called as Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger relies on voice input rather than the conventional typing. As users speak, their words are automatically converted into text and any relevant emoji’s and the message deliver is so fast that users can’t change or edit it.

At the other end the receiver can read the message or listen to what the sender has said. The interesting part of the app, once message is read by the receivers it automatically disappears from the chat history.

Google has now couple of messaging app already available on Google Play and App Store and the search giant is taking another approach capture the market since most of the market share are already captured by Facebook. Users can engage in the conversation with individuals as well as with group of users. Additionally, users can choose to have new messages auto-play as they are received and can select whether messages are played through the main speaker or the phone receiver.

The Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger, is available free for iOS or Android right now at Play Store. It isn’t available in all regions yet, while the app hasn’t yet found its way to India.

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