When it comes about new device launch in the market, Xiaomi is one step ahead of the other mobile manufacturers. The Chinese company has taken the Mi brand name to another level in global scale with new mobile technology, along with that it is making consistency over market. A recent report counts the company is planning to bring Xiaomi Mi 6, a combo pack of enhanced feature which is going to arrive within couple of weeks or it could be take some more time. There have been a number of renders released and the latest one is most exciting – the flagship smartphone expected come with white variation.

Mi 6 will be a stoke house of extreme feature and the Chinese mobile giant to keep it in affordable price tag. The leaked images of the phone, shows that how the camera and another feature will be like.

The upcoming Mi 6 to come with exotic double side glass with attractive body as well as home button with fingerprint sensor, makes it center of attraction at cheapest cost. The smartphone is going to have a good front and back camera at the top left corner with powerful LED flash light.

Xiaomi phones are packed with good battery back-ups and the new Mi 6 has no exception – the device to sport an enhanced battery with bit of big bezel sides. The upcoming Mi 6 expected to come with two displays variations –  a 5.15-inch and 5.7-inch with “Plus” suffix. Moreover, Xiaomi Mi 6 to have amazing sensor technique and could hold Snapdragon 835, chip inside.

Mi 6 expected to come with glassy body with metal mix. According to rumors, ceramic variant could also come which was used in Mi 5 but unfortunately had to stop.