Anti-Haze Mask: Xiaomi to launch next product for safety of kid’s health

Mar 26, 2017, 6:54 pm

Ankita S.

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Xiaomi’s Mijia brand now focuses on the health of the consumers. Two months back, they have announced two anti-blue light glasses, one anti-UV glasses and a nose mask. According to sources, this anti-haze mask is specially designed for kids to keep them healthy.

The anti-haze mask will be unveiled on Tuesday, 28th of March at 10:00 am.

In the given teaser image posted online depicts a kid on the playground with his face covered whereas in the other scene you can see him fighting with “air monsters”. This mask is introduced in the market in order to protect kids from harmful particles that are present in the surroundings when they are outside. The design of the mask is said to be one way valve design and serves as an anti-haze/anti-fog mask.

The mask is designed in an easy manner so that they can wear it independently without disturbing their parents or nearby people. The anti-haze mask consists of a unique strap and a button. The details about price are not yet revealed, but still it is expected that the price approximately will be same as that of the mask that revealed a year before which was priced at $10 (¥69).

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