Top reasons why you should buy a Dash Cam

Dash cams have been there for the longest time. Widely used by police officers, taxi drivers, bus drivers and car enthusiasts. However, dash cams have gained popularity with “ordinary” citizens because of the benefits for drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians. Some countries are also considering mandatory dash cams for motorists, that’s how big dash cams are. If you’re still having second thoughts of purchasing one for yourself, here are the top reasons on why you should buy a dash cam.

You’ll have evidence in accident disputes

This is probably the primary reason for purchasing and owning a dash cam. It allows you to record video and audio of your trip. If in any case, you run into an accident, the video recorded by your dash cam becomes a powerful piece of evidence on who is liable and responsible for any damages. There will be no need for arguments as your video will serve as an undeniable proof on whose fault is it. This will save you time, effort and a lot of money in determining who is liable for the damages done during disputes.

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Avoid fraud

We have seen numerous videos of pedestrians deliberately positioning themselves in front of vehicles and pretend to be hit, a planned “accident” if you could call it. Then they put the blame on the driver and demand money for getting “hit.” These are a few of the many fraudulent incidents that you can encounter in the streets.  This is also the perfect time to have a dash cam recording all of this. Owning a dash cam benefits you as you can prevent yourself from being scammed and it protects you from any liability and monetary obligations.

For fun

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Owning a dash cam is not only for safety, but it’s also for fun. You can record your road trips and share it with your friends through your social media accounts. You can document your whole trip and add music and animation to make it catchy and artistic. There are lots of dash cams available in the market that could cater to your needs in filming your trip.  Some dash cams like the YI Smart Dash Camera have wider lenses, high-speed recording, and even night vision!

Record parking accidents

Your dash cam will be able to record video even if you’re not physically in the car. You can leave it on while you go shopping or working. This allows you to record video and catch who is responsible for your car’s dent. You can catch drivers who accidentally hit your car while parking or a vandal messing up your car and even a burglar who would try to break in your car. All of this can be recorded and later used as evidence to catch perpetrators and to hold them liable for their misdeeds.

Having a dash cam is a wise investment.  It’s cost-effective and reliable. When it comes to safety and its benefits, owning one is truly a blessing. You’ll never know when you get into an accident, this is why owning a dash cam is a must have as it gives you peace of mind knowing that if in case something happens, it will be documented and you can use this in your favor.

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