Adidas launches new digital fitness app All Day to stay fit and healthy

Adidas All Day App

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This month, Adidas at SXSW revealed that it was working on new Digital Fitness Products and now we learned the cat is out of the bag. Yes, now we have more clear picture of the company’s strategy – thanks to an iOS and Android app that is specially layed out for “Skilled” athletes.

Now what it is? A report by Engadget shows that the new “Digital Fitness” app by Adidas will target on various health aspects like your movements, your nutrition overtake, mindset and rest. This app is not only give benefit during workout but also it takes care of your fitness also.

This App consists of various collections of tutorials on fitness and these tutorials are available in both videos as well as in written posts. Tutorials of this app will show you everything i.e. it is a complete guide of yoga and also diet “green” recipes. Well, it’s not just about the health or your diet – but it also shows your jogging distance by using your smartphone and it also covers calories that you burn throughout day. Adidas said that for now this app is only focused on women, since collected data suggests women are the key users for their health, later on it could be rolled out for men as well.

Naturally, the Digital fitness app is paired with Apple’s Health Kit and Google’s Fit platforms and it is easy to keep track of health data. For now, Adidas is releasing beta version of All Day for both iOS and Android users but to try this app you will have to “sign up” since access is limited. The sportswear giant says the app will have its full rollout later this summer.

Image: Adidas

Adidas launches new digital fitness app All Day to stay fit and healthy