OnePlus 3T Matte Black is out now, limited edition available on Oppomart

Apr 1, 2017, 7:53 am

Ashwini S.

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After three color variants, Silver and later in Gunmetal Grey and Soft Gold of OnePlus 3T, now the flagship device is out with Matte Black variation. OnePlus lover has the reason to be happy since you can buy the Midnight Black version directly from Oppomart.

We all are familiar with the controversy of OnePlus 2 and X, which received mixed reviews and failed to woo customers . The Chinese company grabbed attention over the market and got support through OnePlus 3T.

According to report, OnePlus announced a limited 250 units edition Black color in cooperation with Colette Fashion house in Paris. The smartphone has already created a hierarchy in market, now available on Oppomart filled with enhanced features.

OnePlus 3T is having 5.5-inch full Amoled HD screen, runs on 2.35 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Quad-core processor. The smartphone comes with 16MP rear camera and same 16MP in front as well. Not only that, 3T supports finger print scanner and having the Dash charge technology.

The most interesting part, the Matte Black version is available on Oppomart with only a number of units which manages latest inventories on its online store. You can grab the latest version OnePlus 3T smartphone on Oppomart here.

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