Report: Microsoft to unveil Surface Pro 5 at May 23 Shanghai event

May 6, 2017, 4:12 am

Ankita S.

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Microsoft seems to bring a lot of surprises for the users this year. Last week, the company made an announcement of new operating system (Windows 10 S) and computer (Surface Laptop) for education. And in the coming week, the company will hold its annual Build 2017 developer conference.

Microsoft again was successful to amaze the wolrd by unveiling it’s another event in the month of May. The event will be held on May 23rd in Shanghai although the location of the event or what it will be showing are not yet revealed by the company. The technology giant did not leave any impression about the event except that The Verge to expect new hardware, however.

Microsoft Windows I/O Device Errors
Panos Panay — Microsoft’s vice president of devices and the creator of the Surface — tweeted the announcement alongside the hashtag “#Surface.”

The tag and Panay’s presence at Shanghai event gives an impression that Microsoft may launch its new product Surface Pro 5. This is assumed because the Surface Laptop is brand new and the Surface Book was updated last year.

The assumptions do not end here. According to rumors, the Microsoft will upgrade the Intel processor to the latest Kaby Lake generation. Even after these changes, the designing scheme will remain unchanged according to Paul Thurrott. There is a possibility that Microsoft may use this refresh to add a couple of USB-C ports as well.

Another possibility is that the company may launch VR headset. This is so, because, in December Microsoft announced that it would launch VR headset in the first half of 2017 at WinHEC conference.

You will soon be updated about the new launch of products and the details of the event of Microsoft Company. For more updates keep visiting our site.

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