Android Mobile Security: What you need to know

If you are using an android device, then there are so many security tips and tricks you should know because we store lots of critical information and lots of data on these devices and this is because we should know that they are fully protected or not. In this article, we will cover some major aspects of android mobile security and tips to protect security on your Android device.

1. Do you know all the apps on your Phone?

If you have comparatively large number of apps on your mobile. Then you should keep a check on them that which apps you use often or which apps you have just installed for one time use. If you will go through all the apps, you will be surprised to find that there are some applications which you do not know. These applications are the result of accidental touch anywhere. Sometimes these applications can harm your device or can steal away information from your device. It is always recommended to check list of installed apps on your device and to uninstall all the apps which you do not know.

2. Do you use same pattern or passcode everywhere on your mobile:

It is not a good habit to use the same passcode everywhere on your device because some applications are not secure and your passcode can be tracked. So, if you are using an app locker or any other software which requires the passcode then you should keep a password different from the password for your device.

3. Do you always keep your mobile data turned on:

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When mobile data is turned on then there are so many activates which takes place in the background these activates may be suspicious. To avoid miss use of your data pack for which you are paying you should keep your mobile data turned off when it is not used.

4. Have you enable two factor verification on your device:

Most of the social media and messaging apps are now available with two factor authentications. You should also use two factor authentications for the applications and for your bank accounts. Two factor authentication ensures that your device and your accounts are used only by you. Two factor authentication means you have to enter your password to access your account along with the one-time password sent on the mobile or the email.

5. Is there any anti malware software installed on your device is authentic and up to date:

Anti-malware plays an important role in protecting your device you should always have a good security software on your device and it should be up to date. You should wisely choose an antimalware software for your device because there are many anti malware software which looks like genuine but they are not. When it comes to anti malware for android we found “Systweak anti-malware one of the best application to protect your device.

anti malware softwareAfter intense research Systweak software has developed this tool which not only protect your device but also helps in boosting your device. You can download the app for free from the play store and it helps in smooth functioning of your device.

This is how by taking care of these small tips and tricks you can protect your android device not only from malware but also from potential information loss.

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