SpaceX touched a new milestone today – Elon Musk led company successfully launched its new Falcon 9 rocket, the heaviest geostationary orbital payload launched so far by the company.

Falcon 9 has dispatched carrying heavy payload from communication satellite operate Inmarsat. The satellite is in the fourth part, a constellation shaped, aimed at providing high-bandwidth broadband internet at global level.

The satellite scheduled for launch at SpaceX’s LC-39A complex, Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 7:21 p.m. EDT.

Falcon 9 has become largest payload carrier ever, which is why the mission parameters didn’t call for an attempt to recover the first stage of the rocket. The architecture of Falcon 9 is slated with one of SpaceX’s heavy rocket, but those all material yet to come into commercial operation.

The Boeing-made satellite launched into the orbit that adds one more fathom to previously deployed spacecraft adding more support to the existing network. Now the broadband connection will add more strength along with emergency plan for the existing framework.

SpaceX has shared a series of tweets on its official Twitter handle updating the Falcon 9 carrying the payload and successful launch of the satellite.