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Report: Microsoft to remove smart backups feature on Windows 10

Jun 5, 2017, 6:48 pm

Earlier Microsoft introduced file history option for Windows 8 which is a time–machine style backup, if people made any mistakes it used to recover older files easily. Users who are trying Windows Insiders Preview has discovered that creating a file history will no longer supported.

There may be possibility that users will lose this feature when fall creators rolled out the feature on the PCs. There is always one question rising –is there any replacement for this file history option if they are going?

If user wants an older report on their new PCs which is quite difficult because older version files is saved on the cloud through OneDrive and attach to only that particular PC.

Meanwhile, OneDrive already has the version history. Microsoft OneDrive is versioning for Windows so that users can restore the files of the system on which they are on.

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