WhatsApp update for iOS; adds Automatic Albums, Photo Filters and Reply Shortcut

Whatsapp New Update

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WhatsApp has added some cool new features for iOS users with its latest updates which made it easier for users to manage the pictures in the application. Now the users will get photo filters, automatic albums in chats, and the quick replies to messages.

Facebook Messenger has a number of filters which WhatsApp users were lacking – now you can add filters to GIF’s, photos and videos before tapping send button. There are five filters which can be used either with the camera clicked picture or any photo from the gallery that WhatsApp dubbed as Pop, B&W, Cool, Film, and Chrome.

WhatsApp now automatically groups multiple photos instead of a stream of multiple lined images that users send or receive into a photo album, only to avoid wastage of chat space and scroll.

The last feature is the reply shortcut, which enables iOS users to reply to specific people in chat by swiping right on a specific text. This shortcut is particularly useful in the group chats to speak or reply to the multiple users at a time.

This update is currently available for in App Store. The Android update of this new features is not yet disclosed, but hoping that it will soon arrive in to the Play Store.

Source: App Store

WhatsApp update for iOS; adds Automatic Albums, Photo Filters and Reply Shortcut