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Google Allo celebrates National Best Friends day Your funny, interesting, smart and humble best friend Google Assistant

Jun 9, 2017, 3:44 pm

Google is celebrating June 8 as the National Best Friends day, so the Google Home users as well. The technology giant revealed some really cool features a Google Home user can use those who make us laugh and help us answer the tough questions in life to stay laugh and stay happy. Google assistant is not only to help to plan a day with best friends but it can also be  companion to the users who are waiting for.

1. If you want to laugh, you can ask your digital assistant on Google Home to tell you a joke.

2. Giving reminder is one of the most sought after features a user look for. With Google Home device you can your digital assistant to remind you on your friend’s birthdays.

3. Google Home has become very popular among users for providing favorite games and also invite your friends play.

4. If you are looking for a friend to tell you the truth, you can ask Google assistant “who’s is your best friend”.

5.Google has added some cool stuff to make Home more user friendly. You can ask your device for any help, try asking Google Assistant “what did my cat say?” or “what did my dog say” on Google Home.

So go on, enjoy and have some fun with Google Home.

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