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Tracey Vance
Tracey Vance
Tracey Vance is an app developer by profession. She loves to write in her leisure time on the subjects concerning app development, especially for the topic of mobile games development and advancements in technology. For updates, you can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Apple iOS 11 upgrades will soon be available in the market as confirmed by Apple, and those of you who have upgraded to iOS 10.3 are experiencing certain issues with regard to certain apps that are not opening. The warning says that you will have to upgrade.

As long as you are using iOS 10, it is okay, and you will not be missing out much if you have not upgraded to iOS 10.3, however, it is advisable to upgrade to the latest version; why? It is because it packs security updates and addresses bugs that the previous versions may be having. Also, increase compatibility for games and apps.

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But the problem remains 10.3 version is giving errors and preventing apps from opening. The first step towards its resolution is finding out which apps are in particular being affected because of this new update or posing difficulties. Is it the case with all apps and games in the store or some? Are those apps which you largely depend on, or can you afford to do without it?

The first solution that comes to mind is to either purchase a new handset that has 10.3 upgrades pre-installed or wait for the launch of the iOS 11 update and go with the purchase. But I know it is an expensive venture. The other solution is to find a substitute for the apps that are giving errors on your current version of iPhone or iPad.

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We will be detailing a few tips that will enable you to sort this matter out. They are as under:

Turn on auto update for apps or manually update them

Most of the issues we run into with regards to apps and games on phones are due to their non-updating. Updates are regularly provided by developers for a reason. As mentioned above, updates fix security lapses and any bugs that may be prevalent.

So check the apps by going into App Store and see if the latest version is already in place. Turn on auto-updating app features from the App Store. I am sure you won’t face the same error messages the next time your try accessing these apps.

Check the list

Having specified how you can fix the issue, first, you should go into the Applications panel of your iPhone or iPad and see if there is an arrow next to Applications. If there is, then that means updating is required and you can follow the steps outlined above.

If there is no arrow, then that means updating is not required. But we cannot say for sure about the iOS 11 upgrade. Once that comes out, would it be enough to check for the arrow to know whether or not apps require updating. Who knows if there will be other issues unheard of as of now? So with 10.3, you can do as advised to combat app incompatibility issues.

Check for the updates

Once identified, it does not remain a problem. Tap these apps to update them, and voila, you are all set! See, and you thought the workaround for this would be some intricate stuff, whereas the idea rests in simply updating the apps. Be sure to take note of whether or not iOS still show the app as flagged in terms of its compatibility.

Search for new versions

If the app errors are consistent and do not get rectified after updating or do not have any updates reflected in the store altogether, then check for an alternate of the said app. It may be that the upgrade is disguised as a totally separate app.

You can do this by searching via the developer’s name in the App Store, and it will list down all the apps that are credited to the developer’s name. Browse the list therein, and if anything feels similar to the app you were trying to access, that is the one for you.

Ask the developer

You can always consult the developer if nothing seems to be working for you. Write directly to the android developers and inquire as to when the necessary update will become available or how soon the bug/issue you are experiencing will be addressed. Usually, developers welcome comments/feedback from the users and are eager to respond to their queries.

Don’t give up hope

If the app is delisted, it will neither show up on version 10 nor the 10.3 version of the iPhone/iPad. It is highly likely that the app is no longer relevant, and no updates are dropping in anytime soon. You can contact the developer in this respect for some feedback, but even if he is keeping mum on the subject and everything seems to have dropped dead, it is time to move on.

There is always hope, and if your life depends on it (which is not close to being practical), then you should wander on in search of a better potential replacement for the said app. The fact of the matter doesn’t lose heart. I suggest waiting for the iOS 11 version to pop out in some time, and we’ll know for sure.

Find replacements

We have been saying this all along that find replacements. There are a lot of alternatives that if you look, will offer you the same benefits as you were getting out of the outdated app. Try searching with relevant keywords in the App Store.

For example, if you are interested in a calendar app, type in “calendar,” and dozens of apps will be listed at your disposal to choose from. A decent substitute can be easily found. The downside, however, is that the same cannot be said about games. Injustice 2 cannot be substituted for the gameplay of Marvel Future Fight now, can it?

In addition to the app problems above in iOS 10 and 10.3 versions, it is also imperative that you learn the basics of why might some apps and games are not running. It is not just the apps but the version itself as well:

For starters, iOS 10.3 is slow to update. You can upgrade it from iOS 10 but it will take forever to install on your iPhone or iPad – 30 minutes easy. So a word to the wise, be sure to backup your data and also see that your phone has ample amount of battery.

Some older models of iPhone such as 4S cannot and are not mean to be updated to the iOS version 10.3. so, if you have one of those, you can stop complaining as it will not update to the latest version, let alone run the apps that are now upped to meet the iOS 10.3 and onward requirements.

Although on the plus side, version 10.3 aims to address the issue of battery drain. You can say that iOS 10.3 is an antidote to the issue of battery life, whereas older models would drain the battery from 100% to 50% in under an hour.

Apple iOS 10 has serious battery drain issues, which makes the need to upgrade to 10.3 all the more essential. You can find a ton of articles detailing how you can optimize your battery with iOS. I suggest you give them a read, but for us, it is currently outside the scope of this writing piece.

Version 10 of the iPhone has also been found to leave the phones in a “bricked” state when attempting to update. With this in mind, now you know why backing up your data is crucial. Moreover, issues like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, etc. are pertinent.

In conclusion

With the advent of iOS 11, many of your app related problems are going to go away. All it calls for is a little patience, and Apple users will see that everything will begin to fall in place. Although Apple is one of the giants in the industry of computing, smart devices, and gadgets – I guess no one and nothing is perfect in the world, after all.

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