Google Local Guide is a community-driven program where you help people and Google by adding, modifying and reviewing places you visit or have been to. In return, you get a lot of benefits from Google based on your contribution. Some of the benefits are – invites to meetups, summits, free Google Drive data, a badge, etc.

Yesterday, Google rolled out the update for the program. The new update can extend up to level 10 which was up till level 5. 10 level means 100,000 points which the users who hit the 500 point cap need to give more contribution to level up.

In this new system, the local guide will get more points who contributes more to the key Google maps data that Google needs.

Google also designed some more features for 4-10 levels like the unique badges, giving guides a new way to be recognized for the contribution, and helping users quickly identify the Local Guides who contribute the most. These badges will appear next to each Local Guides’ profile picture in Google Maps.

Being a level 2 local guide, users can enjoy early access to the new features. The level 4-10 local guides can get the Google Play Music subscription for three months and 75% off digital rentals in the Play Movie Store. The update will be available for users in a few days in selected countries.

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