The Windows Store finally gets to include the full version of Microsoft Office. The release coincides with that of the new Surface Laptop having Windows 10 S. The Store will contain the Microsoft apps such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and Publisher. This is the first time that Microsoft allows you to download and update the apps straight from the Windows Store, justifying the company’s previous listing of Office in the Store.

This initiative addition is the intention of Microsoft to ensure the developers that they migrate the desktop apps to the Store. The developers previously denied Microsoft in building new apps for Windows 8, but the Centennial Desktop Bridge Tool of Microsoft is going to help the developers transfer the traditional apps to the Store. Since 10 S is restricted from the Windows Store, anyone owning Surface Laptop and new machine having Windows 10 S will need to download this Office version.

As observed by Twitter user WalkingCat, according to a support article, Microsoft officiates that this Office version will have some limitations. The users can only install the 32-bit versions of Office. Also, the Office version does not support the COM add-ins. There is no OneNote desktop app included in the Windows Store by Microsoft. Instead, the existing UWP app shall be installed. The existing Office mobile apps can still be used by the Windows 10 S owners. Until the Office is fully tested, its install and update process is placed by Microsoft in preview in the Windows Store.