Yesterday, Amazon introduced its new fashionable prime benefit ‘Prime Wardrobe’ for the users which is in beta. Users only need to find the prime wardrobe logo with their eye-catching items. Then they can try out clothes before they buy them, from over millions of branded featuring clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Users can pick a minimum of 3 items and a maximum 15 to fill their Prime Wardrobe Box. If they keep 3-4 items they will get 10% off or 5 or more will get 20% off. It also has a time duration of seven days to keep this box at home to try out the selected items.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe is free for Prime members with no extra fees – users only need to pay what items they pick. This Prime Wardrobe box includes a pre-paid label and users can drop off their return at nearest UPS Location or can request for free pickup.

Amazon is currently testing the service Prime Wardrobe, but users if you wish to subscribe when it will be available for you just log in to Amazon site to get notified.

The Amazon Echo Look is one of the latest Alexa devices to be released, a computer vision-powered assistant which will help users to decide what to wear. This could also affect the Trunk Club who is leading in the eCommerce market for free shipping and return items.