In aim to build a global community, Facebook is known to step up to understand the needs of the users in specific countries, and thus, serves them accordingly. Users from India, the second most users of the social network want more control over their profile pictures, and Facebook has been working since the past year on the same.

As a result, Facebook comes up with piloting new tools that will serve the Indian users in downloading and sharing their profile pictures. Additionally, the social media service provider is also exploring ideas on how the users can design the profile pictures in order to enhance their presentations online with safety. In the process, preventive measures for misusage are derived by Facebook. On the basis of the entire experience for the Indian users, the service provider is looking forward to expanding their new initiative globally.

Profile pictures on Facebook help users find friends and create meaningful connections. At the same time, there are safety issues that bother many users regarding adding their own images as profile pictures. According to researchers of Facebook in India, many women choose not to share their photos because of probable online abuse.

The new tools of Facebook are to provide the users with more control over their profile pictures in terms of online safety. This new initiative is partnered with the Indian safety organizations such as Learning Links Foundation, Centre for Social Research, Youth Ki Awaaz, and Breakthrough.

 New Controls

Indian Facebook users are about to start seeing a step-by-step guide for adding an optional profile picture guard. When they get to add this guard:

  • No other user will be able to download, share, or send your profile pictures as a message on Facebook.
  • Users you are not friends with on Facebook will not be able to tag anyone including themselves in your profile picture.
  • No user will be able to take screenshots of your profile picture on Facebook. This will be effective wherever possible. Presently, this feature is available for Android devices only.
  • There will be a blue border and shield around your profile picture displayed as a visual cue of protection.

Deterring Misuse

As per initial tests, Facebook observed that the addition of an extra design layer in profile pictures makes other users at least 75% less likely copying the respective images.

Facebook partnered with Jessica Singh, an illustrator who is inspired by traditional Indian textile designs like Kantha and bandhani, for creating designs for the users to add to their profile pictures.

If you suspect that your picture marked with one of these designs is a victim of online abuse, you can report to Facebook. The service provider is to take actions in using the design to determine whether it should be removed from the global community.