New leaked video gives hint how the iPhone 8 will look like

Jun 28, 2017, 2:09 pm

Aniruddha P.

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There have been loads of leaks thus far presenting ideas of how the iPhone 8 is going to turn up, but the latest video by the team up of Tiger Mobiles and OnLeaks has taken it all to the next level. The video contains iPhone 8 leak featuring the model with its clearest looks of the design as per the latest rumors.

Featuring an edge-to-edge display, the video shows the dummy model of iPhone 8 having front camera and sensors on the top bar, a vertical dual lens rear camera, including a black glossy glass-made base frame with an indistinguishable suiting steel brand around the edges.

Similar to previous dummy models, this new dummy iPhone 8 leak video justifies the past rumors and design drawings featuring slim and bezel-free design. It also consists of a Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the device display.

The video also fulfills other estimations regarding the measurement, as in 71mm wide, 144mm long, and 7.5mm thick. The new iPhone 8 device is rumored to have the same size as that of iPhone 7, with a display size same as that of iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple has been originally working with 10 prototypes regarding their iPhone 8 model, along with the rear Touch ID button. Considering most of the leaks before, this video provides the most precise design of iPhone 8 that we are to experience in its unveiling this winter.

There are still uncertainties regarding the Home Button, edge-to-edge display design, and the rear camera of the iPhone 8. Beyond the visibilities, there is a profound number of rumors in details on features like wireless charging, amazing 3D sensors, facial recognition capabilities of front camera, and even more.

Via: Macrumors

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