ProTruly to launch 360-degree camera module fitting into 7.6mm smartphone

Jun 30, 2017, 11:18 am

Aniruddha P.

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The Chinese company named ProTruly reported on two smartphones having 360-degree cameras built-in, in the last year. Given that it’s an innovative idea on paper, 360-degree camera modules are too big to look good on handsets, making them a lot taller and thicker.

ProTruly Darling, as the name given to the handset, is basically 8.9mm thick, that too, without the camera. It is also 181.4mm tall, but having 5.5-inch display. The recently released OnePlus 5, if compared, is packing same size display, but is 154.2mm tall and 7.3mm thick.

Although, things may change for the better in the upcoming days for ProTruly Darling. HT Optical, the company that manufactures cameras for ProTruly, is developing a smaller 360-degree camera module, which is to fit into a 7.6mm smartphone, as reported by Engadget. This camera will be able to capture 16mp photos and shoot 4k videos. Also, it will add only 1mm extra thickness to the smartphone.

ProTruly is yet to confirm about how tall the device is going to be with the camera module having same screen size. The Darling set is more likely to be 3cm, as per latest reports, which is quite tall. No further details regarding other features are released so far. But we are to find out more about the handset very soon, as it is going to be released on 30th July in China.

Source: Android Authority

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