SpaceX aborted second Falcon 9 rocket launch

Spacex Falcon 9

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A tweet by SpaceX on Monday says that they had to postpone the second launch attempt for Falcon 9 Rocket. The rocket is carrying a commercial communication satellite named Intelsat 35e. The launch was called off by the computers of SpaceX with less than 10 seconds to go.

According to the tweet, the launch was aborted for a violation of abort criteria. SpaceX also confirmed that payload is in good health. The next launch opportunity is set for July 4. The company is still evaluating the postponement.

There were issues found on Sunday, but reports came through that those have been apparently resolved. The initial launch time set by SpaceX for Falcon 9 was 7.37pm EDT on Monday. The time was then shifted to 8.35pm EDT. After the failure on that time, SpaceX decided to abort it for the day.

 Source: CNBC

SpaceX aborted second Falcon 9 rocket launch