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Next Crowdfunding Product for Xiaomi – A Sleek Headphone with 11 July Launching

Jul 10, 2017, 12:06 pm

Xiaomi is profoundly established in launching innovative and affordable products starting from smartphones, household equipments, wearables, IoT, and loads more. The company’s next product is now set to launch on 11th July – which is its 96th Crowdfunding product, a sleek headphone.

The product is to be launched under the MIJIA brand and the launch time is 10 CST tomorrow. The three teaser posters signify that it is a headphone and it looks like a wireless handset. It showcases a balloon design for protecting the ear canal, and for perfect fitting as well.

As per a post by Weibo, the earpiece is going to be available in 36 different ear sizes, which is quite a number. In fact, it is manufactured to suit various ear canal sizes for the users. The Z-shaped design of the headphone serves in reducing pressure on the canal.

There is no further detail revealed regarding price and any other feature, which will be disclosed right on the release tomorrow.

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