IBM Mainframe Escorts the Next Generation Data Encryption

Jul 18, 2017, 7:13 am

Ankita S.

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IBM  today announced the world’s most powerful transaction system named IBM Z  that has the ability to run more than 12 billion encrypted transactions per day. The mechanism of encryption is necessary in order to protect your data from unauthorized users i.e. hackers.  Therefore, IBM provides users with a simple alternative to protect your data that is encrypted everything. The latest Z mainframe system that mechanically encrypts all the data that is related with an app or service. According to IBM, conventional systems based on x86 processors only encrypt “limited slices” of information, while the new Z has enough power (18 times more, in fact) to lock everything down as a matter of course.

This new mechanism also destroys its own encryption keys when the system is  intervened by unauthorized user and immediately encrypts the programming interfaces that tie apps and services together.The Z consist of thrice the memory (a huge 32 TB), three times faster input/output and much lower lag when talking to a storage area network. To increase the overall security of the system, hardware should alter many more transactions.

Even though Z is the best of IBM to provide security but that’s not enough, as it has no control over hackers from accessing the user’s data. But, this does not mean that your data is not safe as it prevents hackers from reading the data. Still, there is a possibility that hackers would find a way out to decrypt the encrypted data.

However, IBM took a new step to introduce a technology that supports user. This technology relieves the user from fear of data being accessed by unauthorized user as your data will be always encrypted.

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