Google Analytics: Ask a Question; Get an Answer at an Instance

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Ankita Shah
Ankita Shah
Content writer at TechGenYZ

Last year, Google teased using natural language to retrieve data from Google Analytics just by asking questions. This “asking questions” feature has now reached Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360 globally.

The company’s main objective is to allow people to work effortlessly and independently without depending on data analysts or knowledge of the Google Analytics interface. This will reduce the overhead of data analysts, thereby allowing them to focus on different schemes, whereas the other members of the organization can utilize their time to acquire the necessary information about the progress of their business.

What is Analytics Intelligence?

Analytics Intelligence can be defined as the new ability to ask questions built on Google Now, like an automated insight that came to the Google Analytics mobile apps last fall. The insights surface data the system thinks will be useful to the person logged in, meaning they are tailored to the kinds of data and insights the user has engaged with.

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This feature makes use of artificial intelligence that allows users to ask questions in natural language in Google Analytics. The company took years to build this feature.

This feature is available across various Google products like Android and Search and will be made available to users in the next few weeks.

How do I use it?

The analytics Intelligence feature is accessible by clicking on a circle icon with dots that are present on the top on the right side of the apps and now on the desktop, too.

It is for the first time that your desktop will have intelligence. After clicking on the intelligence icon from every page in Analytics, users will be able to see mechanical insights and fire their queries in the query box.

If you are accessing it through a mobile app, then it provides an additional mechanism that users can make use of voice to surface data in Google Analytics after clicking on the Analytics Intelligence icon. These insights can display revenue or session duration, tipping you off to issues that you may need to investigate further. Insights have also displayed opportunities to improve key metrics by following specific proposals.

What types of questions you can ask?

In the current scenario, the system provides support for only “what” and “how many” types of questions regarding your business.

Since March, Google has been testing “asking a question” with 100,000 users. Right now, it is able to fire queries in the English language only, but according to Google, it will include other languages as the system studies more about different types of queries that users fire, but it is getting better at answering “why” questions.

Mechanistic insights will be available on Wednesday.

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