We need guidance in various aspects of our daily life for achieving consistent precision, and thus, make life more convenient. Google, with this understanding, has been working on developing an espresso machine that will teach you how to make coffee. The entire process, as explained by the enterprise, is as exciting as the constant progressive approach of the company towards today’s time.

With Daydream Labs of Google, they were looking to make interactive learning possible on the VR platform. This led the company to create a training prototype model of an espresso machine that resembles a real one. Google added a detailed tutorial for letting users get the most out of it. Two groups were set to make coffee, one with a real machine, and another using the prototype. The former group reached accuracy in 3 attempts, while the latter took 2 attempts.

The conclusion derived from the entire analysis of the comparative session inspired Google to proceed with the project. This helped them work on enhancing their future experiments on VR. The American enterprise came across the differences between reality and VR, as some skills are better developed naturally. Also, one comparative experiment alone is never enough to draw final conclusions. According to Google, VR will be bound within inputs such as pressing buttons and moving things around until further developments that coincide with reality.

Google also noted that people don’t tend to follow instructions usually. This made the staffs make things more interactive and convenient for users in the aim to make more effective VR models. The company understands that this needs more time, and its vision to gain sheer accuracy in its built models is helping with the patience and simultaneous executions.

Last but not the least, the Googlers noticed that it is not possible to track all steps of a person in any activity. The tutorial provided the two groups with further innovations to input, opening numerous steps to work on with for them. Google went on to infuse video game-like features to the espresso model, which made it have its own state. For example, instead of ‘user has added milk to cup’, the step tracking of machine read – ‘cup contains milk’.

Finally, Google agreed with the notion that the prototype and its experiments have been successful, as these gave the designers leads to work through the challenges. This is to help them earn success regarding the objective of building effective VR devices.

Google believes that VR is a pretty practical platform for users to enjoy learning experiences in various aspects of life. Also, the company reported appealing responses of the trainees, who came back to use the espresso machine even after the comparison. This showed that people are fascinated by going through a new process, and in using a new device for something as simple as making coffee.

Having all said and done, it is quite obvious that a lot more of learning and working need executions by the dedicated personnel at Google regarding VR. But, like many instances before, Google seems to have seen the grand opening of how to move on doing the needful in the concerned platform.

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