YouTube Announces New Feature to Block Spam Comments With Links or Hashtag

YouTube New Feature

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One of the biggest problems which YouTube creators are facing is of spam comments. To address this issue, YouTube has introduced a legitimate solution. With the help of this message, users will now be able to stop spammers from commenting on the videos with hashtags and links.

A YouTube user, heheProduction created a video which showcased this issue in depth. People with fake profiles post unrelated messages and spamming many posts across the website to trap a user with their phishing links.

But in an attempt to make YouTube, safer and transparent, the company has come out with a feature which will allow creators to moderate these comments. Not only that the new feature will allow creators to review all the comments with links and hashtags before publishing them on videos.

To start this feature, video creators will have to go to Creator Studio – Community Settings – Links and then check on the box. After clicking on the box, any comments with hashtags or links will be up for review before they are posted on the videos.

Source: AndroidPolice

YouTube Announces New Feature to Block Spam Comments With Links or Hashtag