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Intel Slams Qualcomm for Pursuing Monopolistic and Anti-Competitive Activities

Jul 22, 2017, 11:05 am

In a recent battle, Intel has accused Qualcomm of damaging monopoly position. The company has currently filed its own statement with the International Trade Commission (ITC) claiming itself as “Qualcomm’s only remaining competitor”. In this latest complaint, Intel claims that Qualcomm is charging more for its licenses whereas at identical time is giving lower costs for chips for phone makers.

Intel accused that the San Diego company is actively engaged in other monopolistic and anti-competitive activities. This basically means Qualcomm pushes makers to pay excessive royalties for each device they sell, though they don’t carry Qualcomm technology. The Silicon Valley company slams Qualcomm of denying licensing its regular essential patents to competitors, that could be a violation of the “fair, affordable and non-discriminatory terms.”

Intel has urged ITC to investigate the matter, as it thinks that Qualcomm is charging very high rates for its patents. In addition to this battle, just before a week, Qualcomm has requested ITC to block the import of Apple iPhone with Intel modem. In this incident, Apple gained formal support from some tech giants like Samsung, Google, and Amazon.

So, ITC is about to start the investigation next month and a full trial is expected next year. Although, both companies gave some signals to settle everything outside the court. It will continue to watch whether it will be a case or not.

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