Apple is a market dominant in terms of monetizing mobile games. As for the rivals of the company, the likes of Google and Samsung are closing the gap, according to a study of the marketing platform DeltaDNA and mobile analytics. The study was conducted on about 1.4 million North American users of smartphones in June 2017.

The user experience provided by the iPhones in mobile games has been attracting passionate gamers over a decade. It is also clearly observable that iPhone users spend more on games than Android users.

But, the study of DeltaDNA revealed that the smartphones such as Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S are not just closing the gap. In fact, they are actually to exceed the iPhones on ARPDAU (average revenue per daily active user) stats. It is a chief scale to measure the money that comes in every day from the most loyal users.

The study also went through the percentage of F2P (free-to-play) players in spending money on a daily basis. Samsung Galaxy S8 leads the chart in not just ARPDAU, but also in payer fraction, as seen in the following:

Previous studies revealed that newer smartphones tend to monetize better than their predecessors at every single instance. Additionally, models bearing super-size screens monetize better than their smaller-screen counterparts, although Galaxy S models of Samsung are coming up.

Mark Robinson, the CEO of DeltaDNA, noted that screen size and device performance are key factors for high rate monetization. He was quoted, “As the power and performance of smartphones continue to increase, we can expect game monetization to also increase in step with this trend”.

Summing Up

The market competition among smartphones has now been taken to another level with the current candid progress of Google and Samsung in monetization of mobile games, which is further fittingly fueled by observations of Mr. Robinson.