Huawei P10 against Xiaomi Mi 6: Which is the best?

Jul 24, 2017, 1:10 pm

Ankita S.

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Huawei P10 and Xiaomi Mi 6 are the best competitors of each other. But, the question is between the two which is better?

Huawei P10 Smartphones have already reached the market, whereas Xiaomi Mi 6 is yet to reach the market. So it’s difficult to predict which is the best. However, we can compare the two smartphones on the basis of information provided by these companies.

The commonality of the two Smartphone is that both are designed by using latest and greatest hardware.

Huawei P10 against Xiaomi Mi 6


The design of Xiaomi Mi 6 is different from its predecessor. It is similar to Huawei honor as Mi 6 also has rounded edges on all four sides. The phone is made of metal and glass (giving it a premium look). The Smartphone features a fingerprint sensor which is placed under the front glass. The most amazing thing is that Xiaomi consists of the ceramic version of the Mi 6.

Whereas the P10 and P10 Plus designs are made up of all metal unibody that looks similar to the iPhone 7. The rounded edges are present on the back. Also, the fingerprint sensor is positioned at the front and all the buttons are present on the right side.


Speaking of the size, both the devices feature a similar size display. The Mi 6 sports a 5.15-inch 1080p screen and the P10 sports a 5.1-inch 1080p display. Huawei P10 also features a sharper and brighter quad HD display.

The Mi 6 consist of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset combined with 6GB of RAM, whereas the P10 consist of a Huawei built Kirin 960 chipset combined with 4GB of RAM. This assures the highest performance rate of Mi 6.

The internal storage capacity of Xiaomi is either 64 GB or 128 GB. On the other hand, Huawei P10 also provides a 32 GB configuration. The Mi 6 also includes Bluetooth 5.0, whereas, the P10 includes only Bluetooth 4.2 LTE. The Mi 6 device is fueled with 3350 mAh while the Huawei P10 is fueled with 3200 mAh battery.

When it comes to specifications, it is clear that Mi 6 is a better Smartphone.


Even though, both the devices have same dual-camera setup,  P10 seems to over power Mi 6. Huawei features a 12MP primary sensor, and a 20 MP depth of field lens with the LEICA branding on the P10.

In comparison to Mi 6, P10 Plus has a better camera sensor that makes possible for users to take low-light photos. The 8MP front camera also comes with LEICA treatment and has many software updations to make your selfies look the best.


The Mi 6 and the P10, both are equipped with Android Nougat. However, Mi 6 comes with Android 7.1.1 Nougat. The Mi 6 runs on EMUI 8.0, while the P10 runs on UI 5.1.


The Mi 6 Smartphone is priced at Rs. 23,599 whereas the Huawei P10 is priced at Rs. 44,999. 

Source: Xiaomidevice

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