Huawei Releases Kernel Source Code for the Dual Shooter, Honor 6X

Jul 24, 2017, 3:48 pm

Neeraj K.

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Huawei released kernel source code for the dual shooter Honor 6X, the one who got the Nougat update three months back in May. The Honor 6X kernel source code unleash isn’t one thing which might build any distinction for casual users. However, it’s a major unleash for developers and advanced Android users.

Now developers will be able to develop custom software for the budget dual shooter. You can see more development in near future to dig out the capabilities of the smartphone.

Kernel source code is used to build custom ROMs for the smartphone. Without the kernel source code, it is very tiresome to do the work with a good pace. By using this source code developers will be able to develop a daily driver build without the faulty features. While there have been some Android Nougat custom ROMs already out there for the Honor 6X, they weren’t quite stable enough for daily use.

Developers can get this file from the Huawei’s site which is named as “BLN&BLL” and it will grab 397 MBs of your hard drive. Non-developers can wait for a couple of weeks to get a stable build to flash it in your Honor 6X.

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