According to a prediction by International Data Corporation (IDC), “Global spending on cognitive and AI solutions will continue to see significant corporate investment over the next several years, achieving a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 54.4% through 2020 when revenues will be more than $46 billion”. The features of AI will show their significant presence in the development of the Intelligent Services. These features of the AI are already on the way to grow their presence in the IoT of Televisions and Smartphones.

This merging of AI and TV is profound but this trend is going to change the experience of TV viewing in the coming years. There are several options available for users to view other than the channels and the shows provided by their service providers. So, no one wants to check everything to find a show to entertain them. This is the part where AI can play its role in a better way. A TV embedded with AI can sort the content for the viewer according to its preferences and user can choose one of them according to its mood.

The 2017 Samsung QLED TV shows an oversized selection of content as a group per service supplier on a launcher section that’s situated on the lower face of the screen. Your favorite channels or services will be showed 1st on the launcher by default and you can additionally use a voice command to decide on a show to look at.

In future, the features of AI like prediction and intelligent assistance will be implemented in TVs and that will completely transform the TV viewing experience of the user. AI features can identify the weather conditions and the movement of the user so it can adjust the content which is to be shown on the screen into a best suitable one. Samsung QLED TV 2017 is the first step towards it and will be a milestone. The Samsung QLED TV 2017 can recognize the source of the video and adjust the brightness of the screen to entertain the user with a great viewing experience. IoT enabled TV will get featured with some intelligent sensors that will transform the sound, display picture, and other feature according to the show, weather conditions, and the user’s movement. The tech giant is planning to add compatibility to all the TV products by the end of this year. Samsung is ready to invest in this segment and will provide all its products IoT ready by 2020. That will reconstruct the home entertainment entirely.

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