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Microsoft Paint is to be revived in Windows 10

Jul 25, 2017, 8:49 am

Microsoft Paint was listed among the deprecated apps for Windows 10 by Microsoft, as posted by the company. This made the fans of the 32-year old app believe that it was on its course of demise. But you can join the joy of its revival with the rest of the world, as Microsoft expressed today that the app is to revive in Windows 10.

Microsoft Paint is going to be available to download for free from the Windows Store, though it is yet to be confirmed by Microsoft regarding when. This certainly puts a smile to numerous fans of the app across the world, being basked in nostalgia.

On the other hand, the new app named Paint 3D is to become the default image creation app in Windows 10. It is already available in the OS with Creators Update and is to be updated continuously. Along with 3D capabilities, the app packs numerous MS Paint features that are loved by the users.

Love expressed for Microsoft Paint

After the news of the app’s discard was revealed by Microsoft, the company was overwhelmed with love and support expressed by the fans for MS Paint. This led the company understand the fan base for the app, and thus decided to revive it in Windows 10.

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