Apple Pay Is Integrated with Weebly To Reach Out Small Online Stores

Jul 28, 2017, 3:03 pm

Neeraj K.

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Technology is building up the human’s life easier day by day. The payment area of the e-commerce business is not left out of it. You will be enjoying the Apple Pay in many smaller online stores as e-commerce service Weebly has announced integration with the payment service. Weebly is one of the largest e-commerce services that powers more than 45 million online businesses worldwide.

It will offer a faster and easier way to check out an e-commerce website while you are buying something there. It will eliminate all the hectic process to fill the checkout form and enter your credit card information and provides a mobile optimized user experience that makes paying online easier than ever.

The company states that up to a quarter of people kill their checkout process due to an overly complex process, and it hopes that enabling Apple Pay will reduce this figure.

“The process of paying and checking out shouldn’t have to be a difficult one,” says David Rusenko, Founder, and CEO of Weebly. “Apple Pay makes checking out online a frictionless experience and this integration is another way we are creating more opportunities for our entrepreneurs, empowering their online stores with the latest technology to help them land more satisfied customers and, of course, more sales.”

The roll out of the integration will begin today and will touch all Weebly powered stores in coming weeks.

Source: 9to5mac

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